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TAX ROOF, LLC has become the firm of choice when it comes to tax planning. We'll review your current situation and help you design a sound, responsible tax plan that will work for you, and we'll revise that plan as your needs evolve

You won't have to worry about staying on top of fluctuating tax laws because we'll do that for you. By working with us to make tax planning part of your overall financial strategy, you'll save money and reduce stress, and when the time comes to implement your tax plan we can either guide you step by step or Do It All for You!

Enrolled Agents are America’s Tax Experts!

At TAX ROOF, LLC our tax planning services provides your organization with the professional tax expert services you need to reduce your overall tax liability and maximize the success of your business.

TAX ROOF, LLC understands the importance of providing technically competent tax advice to achieve significant tax savings and preserve wealth. Our Firm has a dedicated team of qualified professionals working to provide innovative tax solutions to all of our clients, whether they be individuals, corporations, partnerships or non-profit entities.

We also believe that knowledge is power. Our professionals, with their in-depth knowledge, can help you understand the complex tax laws and use them to your advantage. We are committed to providing our clients with value-added, innovative and custom tailored solutions. Therefore, our team is constantly educating and updating their knowledge of the tax laws, IRS regulations and new policies.

We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to help our clients minimize their taxes.

The PROactive Tax Reduction = Freedom

At Tax Roof, LLC our Founders have combined their Enrolled Agent Tax Expertise with Strategic Planning and Project Management to create the PROactive Tax Reduction Method for Business Owners to live their purpose and enjoy freedom.


Minimizing your taxes requires using to your best advantage the tax playbook, laws, regulations, court decisions and rulings that are issued for your guidance. All are accepted—and even recommended— ways to help you pay your share, but not more than your share, of the federal tax bill.


We'll tell you why you should join our ever growing member base!

We truly care about our members and our service. Which is why we are constantly educating our beloved members to make informed decision to minimize their TAXES! Our average tax savings per member is over $5,000

The Tax Reduction Letters series saved me $9,537 in tax and now my daughter is learning the principles necessary to start her own business working with me. These experiences they do not teach in school and she ask me for her wage not her allowance.. I love that !"

Shane Melaugh

I had alot of credit card debts and the financial tips were the best to help me to reduce my debt quickly. Thanks!

Jane Downs


TAX ROOF, LLC is here to help you choose the best financial direction and financial solutions to build your wealth, as well as to protect and maintain your desired quality of life.

Creating wealth is simple?

Spend Less Than You Make and Invest the Difference Wisely

Here's Why You need a TAX PLAN , not a financial plan!

It takes controlling your financial outflow. YOU MUST keep the INFLOW greater than your outflow. YOU MUST learn to Reduce Your Taxes and Pay Less Tax so you can Keep More Money.

If you want to be on a WINNING TEAM, WE HAVE THE ANSWER. WE ARE PARTNERED with several orhanizations to manage all areas of this process for you to help individuals and families like you WIN.The Tax Strategy Alliance is here to help you choose the best financial direction and financial solutions to build your wealth, as well as to protect and maintain your desired quality of life.

Our Tax Services include:


  • Reduction Strategies for Individuals and Businesses!
  • Reduction Strategies for Individuals and Businesses!
  • Owner/manager tax minimization strategies
  • Incorporation of proprietorships and partnerships
  • Planning for the purchase or sale of a business
  • Business succession planning
  • Compensation and benefits planning
  • Family and personal trust planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Inheritance planning and asset protection
  • Family Business planning for wealth preservation and family compensation
  • Assistance with IRS audits and disputes
  • Tax Return Compliance review
  • Other Tax Consulting Services
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