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Tax Reduction Strategies

Giving tax authorities only the amount you are legally obligated to pay improves cash flow. One way to achieve this objective is through year-round tax planning and implementing tax reduction strategies. What would it be worth to you in order to save from $4,000 to $10,000 or more each year!

ProActive Tax Planning

The only way to minimize your tax liability is through tax planning with the ProActive Tax Reduction Method and expert tax advice from Enrolled Agents in the Tax Strategy Alliance.We are Enrolled Agents (EA) America’s Tax Experts!Enrolled Agents (EA)s are your Federally Certified Tax Experts!

Pay Less Tax

Minimizing your taxes requires using to your best advantage the Tax Playbook, the laws, regulations, court decisions and rulings that are issued for your guidance. All are accepted—and even recommended— ways to help you pay your share, but not more than your share, of the federal tax bill.

500,000 Tax-free because I got a Comprehensive plan to guide my divorce decree

“I wanted to leave my home but you showed me that with proactive planning my ex-husband and I can work together to both benefit from a tax-free sale on the family house..

Your guidance made a stressful situation better and we are both better financially. The 2 years you advised me and Mark to live together after the wedding, double my income to $500,000. A Comprehensive tax plan is a MUST and it is worth every investment ..Thank you!”

“$45,000 Tax Write-off for my Pickup! We only got $11,560 for the car! GO BIG!”

“Dionne showed me how to write off the full $45,000 I paid for my truck, every cent of it. She held my hand and showed me exactly what to do and my record keeping to continue with my savings. Since then we have sold Suzie's car and got her an SUV

“It was easily the best investment I made last year”

“I was first introduced to Tax Roof last year at an event I was attending. They were guest speakers. I was intrigued at the possibility of saving on my taxes. So I signed up for the PTSA to see if they could help me. The information they shared with me made this an easy decision. I got a plan from them and was AMAZED at how much I was able to legally write off with their help. I highly recommend their service to you guys. It was easily the best investment I made last year. You guys need a plan from these guys, seriously. I am truly looking forward to my tax return this year. Thank you Tax Roof. You guys rock.”

Kimberly Sykes Zero Chemicals, LLC

What Sets Us Apart

At TAX ROOF, LLC our Founders have combined their Enrolled Agent Tax Expertise with Strategic Planning and Project Management to create the PROactive Tax Reduction Method for Business Owners to live their purpose and enjoy freedom.

  • ​Make More Money
  • Keep More Money
  • Build Family Wealth

Increase Business Cash Flow with PROactive Tax Reduction Strategies.

Meet Your Tax Strategy Queen

About Dionne Joseph Thomas

Best-Selling Author for Business Tax Reduction Strategies

Take Charge Of Your Tax Bill

If you’re like most Americans, taxes are your single biggest expense. Can you imagine what you would do with an extra $15,000 per year? That’s the average amount small business owners waste in taxes they just don’t have to pay. Learn how to keep more of what you earn and live a tax free life....

Dionne Joseph Thomas is a MBA, PMP, EA and Co-Author of the BestSelling Book "Secrets of a Tax-Free Life - Surprising Write-Off Strategies Most Business Owners Miss." Dionne is also the founder of TAX ROOF, LLC, a tax strategist firm that has been dedicated to saving its clients thousands of dollars in tax liability! For most business owners their tax liability is one of their, if not THE biggest concern they face. We all know the tax code is difficult to understand let alone master on your own. By creating customized Proactive Tax Plans, TAX ROOF, LLC can legally minimize your individual and business' tax liability. TAX ROOF, LLC eliminate this stressful issue and business owners who work with TAX ROOF, LLC pay the taxes they legally must pay and not a penny more.

Every Business Owner needs a Tax Plan to Boost Cash Flow and SAVE Money!

Will YOU Be My Next Success?

Our Expert Tax Services

Our clients frequently ask us to use our tax expertise to help their businesses succeed. If you are looking for tax advice and consulting services or business planning assistance, we can help. We can analyze, quantify, report on and recommend strategies and systems to establish effective controls for our clients' companies.

Our Tax Services include

Tax Reduction Strategies for for your Family, Business and Investments. Complete and Trusted strategies per the IRS and tax playbook.

  • Strategy Products for both Individuals and Businesses
  • Personalized Strategy Plans
  • Strategic Consulting and Planning
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Business Solutions

TAXES CAN BE MINIMIZED with a Purchase of any of these Products. All purchases are 100% Tax Deductible!

  • Tax Strategy Allliance
  • Business Wealth Roadmap
  • Advisory Tax Plan
  • Comprehensive Tax Plan
  • Premium Personalized Tax Plan

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Business Owners to Real Estate Investors to Long -Term Investors- EVERYONE, will learn about the tax playbook and how to use to the tax playbook to your advantage in order to start paying less tax today.

Using our PROactive Tax Reduction method opens the door to the possibilities of paying very little in tax. In fact, some strategies are so powerful, it is possible to live a completely tax free life!

Uncover the Secrets wealthy business owners like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet have used for years to pay less than their secretaries!

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